Hello Everyone

This is a very brief announcement to let you guys know what is up. My name is ToxicBatz and I am going to be the new SkyLegion owner. I promise to provide you with the best skyblock experience ever! Files are currently transferring to our new host and an update will be posted when finished!

Ore Generator

I know picking out ores from big towers under your island was fun, but they are kinda ugly and ruin the intent of the generator. From now on, ore generators only work if a lava source block is one block away from the newly generated cobble/ore. This will prevent towers as well as making a 7 long ore generator with 1 lava source block. You must buy lava to 'power' your ore generator. Happy mining and rock that island level :)


Pets are now seperated into 3 tiers, each including 5 unique pets. VIP and Elite gets Tier A, King and Titan gets Tier B, Immortal gets C. Tiers stack throughout ranks. If you would like to just purchase pets, they are available in their own subsection of the shop labeled 'pets.' Enjoy!

SpiritStarz Elite No he's not
epicfaceattack King ur fat


Jonah Mod

To celebrate the release of the server, our most popular rank, Elite, will be 30% off until Wednesday March 11th!

Get it while the sale lasts cool

korie8989 I need my fly and VIP back plz
Lukefast I was too late
Lukefast can we get either sky wars, mob arena or survival games
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