New Spawn

I decided that our current spawn was very small and was limiting us from becoming a bigger server. We are upgrading to a much bigger and WAY more awesome spawn that is packed with tons of new, cool, features!

Mob Arena

I was thinking of what more I could give donators and I have finally decided on donator mob arena kits! These will be kits that are much more powerful than the default kits and it is another way for me to say, "Thanks for being awesome".

New Website Design

I used my past knowledge of web design and decided to make us a more exciting theme. The background is a picture of the new, upcoming, spawn!

JohnRG Mod It seems to be really cool ...

File Transfer Complete

The file transfer has been done and we are now back open for business! NO PROGRESS was lost so whenever you join you will start back exactly where you left off. The IP address remained the same.

Mob Arena

I spent some time today building us a brand new Mob Arena. This arena offers rewards as you beat rounds and it is a very fun add-on. To play simply type /Ma Join.

PvP Arena

I decided that our old PvP arena was too big and very boring. I added us a brand new, cooler pvp arena to the server today which you can go to by simple typing /Warp PvP.

Quinten15_NL King Quinten*
Quinten15_NL King Good luck mate and thanks for informing us. Oh and one thing, dont forget to give the topvoters of april their rank - ...

Ore Generator

I know picking out ores from big towers under your island was fun, but they are kinda ugly and ruin the intent of the generator. From now on, ore generators only work if a lava source block is one block away from the newly generated cobble/ore. This will prevent towers as well as making a 7 long ore generator with 1 lava source block. You must buy lava to 'power' your ore generator. Happy mining and rock that island level :)


Pets are now seperated into 3 tiers, each including 5 unique pets. VIP and Elite gets Tier A, King and Titan gets Tier B, Immortal gets C. Tiers stack throughout ranks. If you would like to just purchase pets, they are available in their own subsection of the shop labeled 'pets.' Enjoy!

SpiritStarz Elite No he's not
epicfaceattack King ur fat
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